A Wet Challenge

Copy of The Masks That Don't Make Me Wet Challenge (7)

I promised myself that in 2017 I’d be open to experimenting and trying new things. So, on Instagram, I’m hosting the #MasksThatDontGetMeWet challenge.

I invite anyone else who wants to join to get down and dirty with me in the #MasksThatDontGetMeWet challenge. But, please, go easy on me. It’s my first time doing a challenge.

What is this challenge?

You know how in your mask stash there are masks that you just can’t get excited about? They look flaccid and unappealing at the bottom of your box. You go past them in your stash with barely a glance every time. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with those masks, they seem like nice masks, but you just aren’t into them. For the month of May, I’m going to commit to finally giving these masks a chance.

Why do it?

You don’t really know what you like until you try it … and there may be some hidden treasures in your stash. Why not let these “unloved” masks get a little quality time? Also, on a private note, I’m on a no-buy right now (more on this to come) and I can see myself swiftly pounding through all my favorite masks … and feeling like I want more.

If you’re ready to clear some space in your stash and finally use those masks that you’ve passed over 100 times, this is the challenge for you.

Or if you like doing challenges and are looking for a fun theme, this might be the challenge for you.

Want to join in?

Use a mask that has been overlooked in your stash and post about it with the hashtag #MasksThatDontGetMeWet. It doesn’t necessarily mean that mask is “bad” at what it does or that it’s not your type … just that you haven’t been in the mood. No prizes or glory – just good clean fun (ok, maybe a little dirty).

The end of May will come so fast. Whether you finish a nice handful of masks or 30 masks, size doesn’t matter.

This is a “come and go” challenge … no pressure to post every day. Just every time you use an “unloved” mask from your stash, feel free to use the hashtag to join in.

Have fun!

My K-Pop Song of the Week/Day/Whatever:

I’m loving this weird little song from my boy ZICO. Zico’s “She’s a Baby” has such a sweet sound. Sounds like the music baby of Zion T + AKMU with a gorgeous Zico rap bridge. I love how different it is. Plus, how can you resist his cuteness and that giggle/smile at 1:25?


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