Empties & mini reviews – Sheet masks!

Mask empties BLOGHere’s part two of my favorite thing – empties! This one focuses on sheet masks, if you couldn’t tell by that giant ridiculous graphic haha. Next time 1) I won’t wait so long to share empties, and 2) I’ll try not to lose my empties so I won’t have to build another monster photo collage.

These are my empties from January – July 2016 (part 1). #RECEIPTS. I’ve been very slow in getting into sheet masks because of my sensitive skin. I don’t like introducing new products, even just a sheet mask, unless everything is OK with my skin … which has been rough this year. The contact dermatitis I had on my arms, chest, and boobs (!) made all of my skin incredibly sensitive for 6-8 weeks.

My skin type is oily/combo and sensitive. I’m super sensitive to fragrance so strong fragrance will always be a deal breaker for me.

  • RP = Repurchase (either have already repurchased or plan to repurchase)
  • WNR = Will Not Repurchase.
  • MEH = Undecided. Not great, not bad.
  • Second chance = I bought two of the masks and have used only one. If the second experience differs I’ll update.

Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack (X10!) = RP

If you can’t tell by the fact I used a full 10 of these, I love these masks. These are my go-to masks that I know will not irritate my skin. They’re calming and healing with a gentle brightening. The essence is a clear only lightly fragranced essence that dries down quickly. A good solid mask for my skin. (Insta review)

Etude House Rice Sheet Mask (X2) = WRP

I won’t purchase this again due to the heavy fragrance – I couldn’t wait to get it off. (I try to buy random masks in twos so I can verify results, so I had two of these.) It was moisturizing and helped relieve some redness in my cheeks but UGH fragrance! This is a milky essence/lotiony mask. The eye holes were TINY. Or do I have giant eyes?? (Insta review)

Etude House Snail Sheet Mask = MEH

It has a milky essence with a light fragrance. It felt moisturizing, soothing, and refreshing like a good snail mask should be while the mask was on – but it felt sticky and heavy after. Maybe it’s just not good for summer. I won’t say I’d “never” buy this mask again, but it’s unlikely. (Insta review)

Etude House Vita Complex = MEH

A decent mask but it wasn’t life changing – which is good because last I heard on Reddit these are being discontinued (?). The fit was decent and the essence was only lightly fragranced. Kinda boring, but a decent choice. Second chance.

Innisfree Skin Clinic Vita C = RP

Well, I didn’t write down much about this mask (scent, essence, fit, etc.). I think I was just so shocked that my skin was “crazy nice” the next morning that I forgot all the rest haha. My skin looked surprisingly great – more even and definitely brighter! This was a definite winner for me.

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask (X2) = RP

This Klairs mask is said to moisturize while balancing oil production and soothing redness. This mask has a decent fit and a clear essence, lightly fragranced in that generic floral scent (almost a “modern manly” smell). The essence dried down nicely on my face but felt sticky on my arms/chest where I’d used up the extra essence.  Go figure. Afterwards, my redness and oil production was definitely reduced. These are not the cheapest masks but so far seem to be a solid choice for my skin. (Insta review)

Leaders Aloe Soothing (X2) = RP

Moisturizing and redness reducing – though the redness reduction is very temporary, maybe a couple hours. I wouldn’t mind having a couple of these on hand for skin freakouts.

Leaders Vita Brightening Renewal Mask = MEH

This is another mask meant to brighten and even skin tone. It was a decent mask experience (no strong fragrance, pleasant dry down of the essence, non-sticky feel, etc.) but I didn’t notice much in the way of brightening. Second chance.

My Beauty Diary Two Step Fresh Repair Snail Mask = WRP/Reaction

This is a two-step mask where you apply the mask first, pat in the essence, and apply the coordinating small packet of cream. The mask was nice and light with not much fragrance. The cream felt lovely – a very soft, thick feel in texture. There was plenty of the essence and the cream to put extras on arms and legs. My skin felt soft, soothed, beautiful and magical … for about 30 min. Unfortunately, after only 30min after applying the cream, my face turned red and itched with bumps all over. I had to wash the mask off. (Face was red, angry, and itchy the next day, too.) This is obviously an allergic reaction and not likely to be the average user’s experience. I don’t know what positive results the average user could experience, but I can say that cream felt so magical and soft on my skin.

My Scheming 7-in-1 Brightening = MEH

Really drippy with essence, had very little scent, decent fit. I didn’t notice much in the way of brightening. Second chance.

My Scheming Apple Brightening & Hydrating = MEH

This starts out smelling like grape and ends up smelling like old milk/ferments after a little bit. Kinda weird in fragrance but not bad. Light essence with plenty to spare. Generally moisturizing as any mask should be but I didn’t see much brightening. Second chance.

Naisture White C = RP

This mask is for whitening, brightening, working on sun damage, etc. Smells like citrus plus that “green tea” fragrance. The essence was light, sort of milky in color (but not a lotion). Decent brightening results noticed even the next day. (Insta review)

Naruko Narcissus Repairing (X2) = RP

This is a thin sheetmask with a clear essence that dried down nicely. Fit was decent, though I cut an extra slit around the eyes to make sure I got as much contact with my “eye smile lines” as possible. The bright, calm result lasts a long time – the next evening my skin still looks noticeably happy. Wow. My skin is moisturized, plumped, and happy. With the plumping/firming action I noticed some deep lines (the worry line between my brows, my “staring into my phone for too long” neck lines) looked smoother. Dang. I don’t want to oversell, but I’m pretty impressed. Glad I bought a 10 pack of these. (Insta review)

Naruko Snail = RP

HOLY MUTHA SNAIL. This mask is like snail goo on steroids. I. LOVED. IT. The stringy/slimy/snaily feeling is off the charts and it feels pretty dang magical. My skin was soft, glowing, and bright the next morning – even neck/upper boobie region was magical from the leftover essence I applied there. It dries down nicely, but hilariously it feels like you are reconstituting a giant snail goo pit monster when you wash your hands/face. Glad I bought a 10 pack of these.

Skinfood Green Tea = RP

This reduced my redness a lot – and continued to keep the redness at bay the next day. Unfortunately, my skin also felt dry the next day. The dryness could have been unrelated. I’ll definitely make sure I have enough moisturizing layers under/over the mask for the next time I try this because the redness reduction was worth it. Second chance.

Skinfood Everyday Yogurt Mask Sheet = WRP/Reaction

The mask itself is very thick and woven with a neat pattern. The fragrance was light and pleasantly clean and fresh. The essence is milky, but still very light. The fit is some of the best I’ve ever had — no wild amounts of folds/extra mask wrinkling up, hooray! But … *sad trombone noise* About 2min after I put it on it started to feel “scratchy” on my face like the fabric was scraping my skin or something was burning. I took off the mask before the 10min mark and washed it off my face. The next day my skin was extra sensitive, red, and bumpy. Again, this is obviously an allergic reaction and not likely to be the average user’s experience. (Insta review)

Tosowoong Snail = MEH

This had a generic powdery scent, but it wasn’t highly fragranced. Generally moisturizing as one would expect a snail mask to be but I didn’t notice any great effects. Second chance.

If you made it to the bottom of this post, I salute you haha.




Empties and mini reviews!

Empties.pngEmpties are my favorite kinds of posts because it shows a lot of dedication to get to the end of a bottle when there are so many shiny new products to try. If you make it to the bottom of a jar, I salute you, dear skincare addict.

These are my empties from January – July 2016 (part 1). #RECEIPTS. Keep an eye out for part 2 which will be all about sheet masks.

My skin type is oily/combo and sensitive. I’m super sensitive to fragrance so strong fragrance will always be a deal breaker for me.

RP = Repurchase (either have already repurchased or plan to repurchase), WNR = Will Not Repurchase.

Now, brace yourself for a wall of text. I’ve got mini reviews and I’m not afraid to use them.


CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser = RP.

The CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser is not a foaming cleanser – it feels kind of like a gel or an oil-free lotion. I use this on my face as a second cleanser because it is super gentle and moisturizing with hyaluronic acid and ceramides (but they all wash down the drain so…). This is also my body wash. You would not believe how much happier my body skin became when I switched out a regular body wash for this low pH, non-foaming cleanser. Magic. I’ve even used it to wash my hair. (My sensitive, aggravated scalp loves it.) There is no fragrance and it rinses clean. I’m almost finished with my second bottle of this.

The FaceShop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil = WNR.

This was a #hatefinish product. I finished it almost out of pure spite (and because I am cheap hate wasting stuff). I’m sorry, I know a lot of people really like this oil cleanser! I felt like this did a decent job of cleansing, but IT SMELLS SO BAD to me. The perfume level of this is unreal. It tastes like the perfume is in your mouth because the scent is so strong and it lingers. To me it smells somewhere between baby powder and old lady perfume. Huuuuurl. It also wasn’t awesome at emulsifying either so my skin always felt heavy afterwards. YMMV and YSPMV (Your Smelling Powers May Vary).

Edit for derp: I totally forgot to include an important part (arguably the most important part). This was causing me a lot of irritation – some times it even burned – and made my skin pink/red. It took me forever to figure it out that it was this cleanser causing redness. At about the 2/3-3/4 mark I stopped using it on my face and finished it up by using it to remove stubborn waterproof body sunblock after beach/pool days. Don’t be a dummy like me and continue to use a product on your face that is irritating your skin. Seriously.


Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence = RP.

I really like the Missha FTE. I found the FTE made a huge difference in my skin to keep moisture levels consistent without adding weight or oil. It’s brightening and soothing.   It doesn’t have a scent – unless you count a very, very faint yeasty/fermented smell. I don’t notice the fermented smell every time I use the Missha, only every once in a while, and it fades so quickly. Just good stuff. I’m testing out other FTEs because it’s fun, but I definitely will RP this.

Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Lotion (decant) = RP.

I got a decant** of this stuff and loved it so I bought the full size. It’s moisturizing without adding weight (great for oily-ish people like myself) and it seems to make everything I put on after it just work so much better. Not sure how to describe the texture … it’s sort of like a runny gel essence that dries down to a slightly sticky finish. It’s meant to be used as a hydration booster in addition to other hydrating products. I use it immediately after my FTE. It has basically no fragrance, so you know that makes me happy. I’m about halfway through the full size now. GOOD STUFF.

**Seriously, if y’all haven’t seen the AB Exchange on Reddit You. Need. To. Lovely people from all over the world are willing to sell you decants (small samples) of products. Try before you buy a full size! This has been a lifesaver for me.

Cosrx Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence = RP.

I love this stuff! It’s moisturizing, healing, calming – but very light. My skin is always so soft, calm, and happy when I use this. There’s no fragrance. The stringy, slimy texture of this is REAL, but that’s because of the very high snail content. You want that. Trust me. But don’t worry! It dries down beautifully. I bought a different snail essence to try for fun and I’m so sorry I did because it doesn’t hold a candle to the Cosrx. I need to get another bottle of this stuff right away.

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream = RP.

If you can’t tell by the sheer number of empties … I’m seriously in love with this stuff. I raved about it a bit here, but I’ll share some more. It’s healing, soothing, calming, moisturizing. It’s meant to be used later in your routine, so it’s often either the last step in my routine (summer) or used just under a sleeping pack (winter). I use it for extra moisture on my body, if needed. I layer it with acne cream on breakouts and they heal so, so fast. No fragrance that I’ve ever noticed.

The Mizon snail gel will always hold a special place in my heart because it helped with this horrible contact dermatitis I got all over my arms, chest, and boobs (!). Calamine helped the itch for about 5 minutes but the Mizon gel provided soothing and calming snaily relief for about 45-60min. Pretty dang magical.20160703_161943


Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch = RP.
This is another one that I raved about recently. It’s good stuff. It helps to flatten out a zit – or bring an underground zit to the surface. It keeps me from touching the zit, too, which is super helpful. I offered to let my husband try one on a huge, I mean HUGE, zit and the Cosrx patch brought the zit to about half its original size overnight. Now, he asks to use them. They’re that good.

But, to be fair, sometimes they don’t bring the magic. I’ve had underground zits and regular ones that didn’t improve at all with the patch. The patches seem to only work on certain kinds of zits, or at certain “depths” if that makes sense. Just trying to keep things realistic. Sometimes the magic wins and other times the acne wins. That’s life.IMG_20160719_190556301_HDR


Biore Watery Essence SPF 50, PA ++++= RP.

Biore Watery Gel SPF 50, PA ++++ = RP.

I love both of these products so much and I only feel like I can review them together. (I think I’m missing one more Watery Essence in the photo.)  The Gel is very watery – I like this because I feel like I can slather it on so quickly. The Essence is more of a gel texture and it feels a bit luxurious as you apply it. I’m currently more excited about the Gel right now because it comes in a bigger container but the Essence is a great product, too. Both have a faint citrus smell. They also have a fair amount of alcohol to help it dry down faster so be careful if you’re sensitive to alcohol. Also, they’re both not waterproof so keep that in mind.

If you made it to the bottom of this post, I salute you.